• Why Banyan

    Banyan is a wonderful place to sit with your friends, not only for a cup of tea
    or indulging yourself with shisha, located in Vinohrady, Prague 2.

    Banyan tree (ficus benghalensis) is an Indian and Indonesian sacred tree. A tree with a far-reaching treetop, where a long time ago village gatherings were held and a tea was drank in its shadow.
    That's why the lounge carries this name.

    Because we want you to feel yourself at home with us, sit in our comfortable armchairs and couches and when you're at it, take your pet too.
    Ambient lighting will make you enjoy your stay.
    We're also ready for bigger groups of people.

    You'll always find fresh tea harvest from all over the world and a wide variety of premium shisha tobacco here.
    As a bonus we have local wines as well.

    At your service there is WiFi, board games and countless
    amount of books of all genres.